How to Use Actions Shipped with Blend with AppBarUtils in XAML?

Expression Blend comes with a variety of built-in actions, like CallMethodAction, PlaySoundAction, etc. It would be a pity if we could not take advantage of them. Now with AppBarItemTrigger, this becomes possible.

Assuming you have the following app bar with a sync button:

               IconUri="/icons/" Text="sync"/>

and you want to call the Sync method of you view model when the user clicks the button. You can wrap the built-in CallMethodAction in the AppBarItemTrigger like below:

    <AppBarUtils:AppBarItemTrigger Type="Button"
                 Id="sync" IsEnabled="{Binding HasData}">
        <ec:CallMethodAction MethodName="Sync" TargetObject="{Binding}"/>

You can also bind the IsEnabled property to a property of you view model like the code above to control whether the app bar button is enabled. AppBarItemTrigger will hook into the app bar button and set its IsEnabled property accordingly.

The default value of IsEnabled property of AppBarItemTrigger is true, meaning you will get an enabled app bar button by default, being consistent with the behavior of the original app bar button.

For app bar menu item, just set the Type property of AppBarItemTrigger to MenuItem.

For a complete sample code, please visit


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